Welsh Government Consultation: canoeists again!

The Welsh Government is consulting on

Taking forward Wales’ sustainable management of natural resources

This consultation includes

Page 38. Proposal 11

To amend or revoke the following list of restrictions on access, provided in Schedule 2(1) of the CRoW Act 2000:

(b) uses a vessel or sailboard on any non-tidal water;

(c) has with him any animal other than a dog;

(i) bathes in any non-tidal water; and

(s) engages in any organised games, or in camping , hang-gliding or para-gliding.

ONCE AGAIN THERE IS YET ANOTHER ATTEMPT TO FACILITATE THE FREE ACCESS OF CANOEISTS TO OUR RIVERS. It is important that as many of you as possible respond to this consultation, even if only to this issue. No need to fill in the whole document, just the question relation to free access to waterways, which includes rivers.

Link to consultation page at Welsh Government website click here

Here you can download the documentation     Consultation document   from this site.

If you wiah to read the document and respond on line, then this is the link click here




2 comments to Welsh Government Consultation: canoeists again!

  • David Trusler

    I am very much opposed to unrestricted access to Welsh rivers – particularly canoeists. As a fisherman I have to pay a considerable amount of money for a licence to fish whereas canoeists pay nothing. The reason that the rivers and lakes are in such good condition is partly as a result of fees paid by anglers through their licences, the Angling Trust and various club activities. Too often the behaviour of canoeists to fishermen is aggressive and discourteous

  • admin

    Well said David.

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