Fish stocks 'not being protected' by Natural Resources Wales

Click this link to see the BBC item on this subject. For the record, NRW enforcement staff are generally hard working and dedicated, there are just far too few and the few working really hard feel they are overworked, under resourced and desperate to be able to do the job properly. CLICK HERE Thanks to […]

NRW Salmon And Sea Trout Catch Controls 2017 CONSULTATION

This is the link to the consultation documents and response form NRW advise us that you may respond by letter/email but they would prefer you to use the form. We urge you to follow this link and respond: Thank you.

CLICKHERE When you get to the page, scroll down to the bottom where there is […]

Otters and predation on fisheries

I thought you may like to look at the two links below, both of which relate to otter predation on fisheries

href=”“>Click here

href=”href=””>Click here”>Click here