Slaughter on the sands

This was the scene on the beach at Pensarn last Saturday when a gill net was discovered adrift. This single image conveys the damage fixed coastal nets can do to our fisheries far more than any academic paper ever could. It really is time these nets, which are indiscriminate in what they entrap, were banned […]

The Monnow: Self defence & preservation

The following article, taken from the Monnow Fisheries Association web site speaks for itself and has to provoke some thought! An example to us all and one that perhaps we should take on board?

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Angling Times - Lack of enforcement

The Angling Times are, once again, keen to support and to publicise the need for more enforcement officers to protect our fisheries. This is what the Campaign is all about and we thank the Angling Times for adding the fuel of publicity to our efforts.