Advice on Pink salmon in Wales.

The purpose of this advice note is to ensure:

1. That all fishery stakeholders, including fishery managers, anglers and netsmen, are alert to the possibility of the return of pink salmon to Welsh rivers during 2021.

2. To ensure that fishery managers, anglers and netsmen know what to do should pink salmon be […]

Rivercide! Chris White's commentary

Chris White


I am sending this to you as can you please pass this on as I don’t have the email address for the person who now looks after the Conwy.

I am not sure if you saw the telecast by George Mobiot the other night if not this is now on YouTube […]

Thanks to The Angling Trust: looking after our rivers. Please consider joining, it is not expensive and they do much good work

View in browser | Media Release from Angling Trust & Fish LegalMedia Release July 7th, 2021Judge says Government’s promise to report on protected sites is legally binding A Judge at the High Court has ruled that a promise made by the Government in 2015 to provide reports on sensitive rivers and lakes is enforceable.WWF, […]