Another serious pollution and fish kill!!

Dead fish on the affected stretch of the River Llynfi, mid-Wales

Fish Legal is currently advising its members Gwent Angling Society in respect of a major pollution that has hit the River Llynfi in mid-Wales. Literally the day after the last touches were carried out to a remediation project that saw the river put on the road […]

Clare Pillman replies to John Eardley

Ein cyf/Our ref: CX20-145 Your Ref:

Ty Cambria / Cambria House

29 Heol Casnewydd / 29 Newport Road Caerdydd / Cardiff

CF24 0TP / CF24 0TP


John Eardley

By e-mail:

Ffôn/Phone: 0300 065 4453

29 July 2020

Dear Mr Eardley,

I hope that you and your family are keeping safe […]