To NRW re FEB's


Further to yesterdays LFAG meeting debate on FEB’s (note my title – other than Pike I don’t know of any fish eating birds!).  As you will have noted there is overwhelming frustration due to the procrastination on this subject.  NRW were quick enough to impose restrictions on anglers in order to conserve fish […]

FEB's: Chris White is "on it": Thanks Chris

I raised the FEB issue at the Skype joint LFAG meeting yesterday pointing out the frustration about the delay in addressing FEB predation.  Dave Mee took part in this meeting and he explained the NRW/WG position which is basically they are scared of a legal challenge from ‘Wild Justice’ (Packham et al) so they […]

Mervyn Williams to David Jones MP

Tan y Graig



Denbighshire CH7 5TG

20th April 2020

Rt.Hon David Jones MP

Dear Mr. Jones

You will see from my address at the head of this letter that I write to you as a one of your constituents. As such I’m copying Darren Millar as my AM

As a conservationist […]

Notes from the Fisheries Forum meeting on 9 April


I hope you are all safe and well and not to depressed due to the lack of fishing opportunities. 

The fourth Fisheries Forum meeting was held via a Skype conference call on Thursday 9 April this is not a very friendly way to hold a meeting.  There were 22 people signed into the […]

Richard Evansdeiwood

All.Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but have just been informed by Emyr Lewis that Peter has just been told by N.R.W. that netting at Glandyfi on the river Dyfi will commence on the 1st of May. Netting by two nets a Mr Lewis and Gareth Jones.Peter has been told not […]