A Christmas Carol: kindly sent by a Derwent angler!

Where have all the salmon gone, long time passing

Where have all the salmon gone, long time ago

Where have all the salmon gone, ask the E.A. everyone

When will they ever learn, when will they ever learn


Where have all the bailiffs gone, long time passing

Where have all the bailiffs gone, […]

Why is this not happening in Wales, are we the poor relations?

ENVIRONMENT AGENCY – December 2015 Communiqué: England Salmon Summit, 19 November 2015 1. Purpose of the Salmon Summit In 2014,

England’s 42 principal salmon rivers were assessed to be at the lowest levels on record with no rivers classified as ‘not at risk’. In response, the Environment Agency hosted the Salmon Summit in Defra’s offices […]

To Dr Peter Hutchinson of NASCO

North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organization

(Please click on the red links to view the programmes: a real must.)


I enjoyed your talked on the work NASCO does at the North Wales Fisheries Conference last Friday. It was good to hear that NASCO is considering the impact of salmon farming on wild fish stocks. […]

Are marine losses of salmon due to fish farms?

You may be aware that there are proposals to make virtually all rivers in Wales ‘Catch and Release’ in 2017 (this will also happen in England and Scotland). The reason for imposing ‘catch and release’ is to conserve what few salmon manage to return to our rivers. The evidence from the past 15 years of […]

Llyn Padarn: the battle continu

Monday, November 23rd, 2015 Fish Legal in High Court battle to save rare endangered fish at Llyn Padarn in North WalesThe latest round of litigation to save the endangered Arctic char at Llyn Padarn in North Wales is set to kick off on the 24th November at Caernarfon court centre.Fish Legal, representing its member […]