WAG response to access enquiry

The following details the Welsh Assembly Governments response to the Inland Waterways Access Enquiry. Your comments will be welcomed.

Clarification by email 16th September 2010

Thank you very much for your two messages. They raise nicely a concern that I know troubles many anglers who are concerned about stocks, but see the value in understanding more about how sea trout populations work so that they can be protected better in the future. It is a dilemma.

I take a pragmatic […]

The Celtic Sea Trout Project needs your help!

The CSTP sampling (www.celticseatrout.com) is now in full swing and will continue for a further two years. Fish samples are coming in from many sources; but an important part of the project requires sea trout scales and basic measurements to be collected from selected rivers. This is being done by angler volunteers because angling is […]