Dear all,

I hope you are all thriving and making contact with our silvery friends (no, not smelt!).

I’m sending a group e-mail, although I know that you have had different levels of contact and details from me in the past, through meetings etc. Apologies if this repeats anything, I’m trying to bring everyone up […]

River Conwy Salmon & Trout Spawning Map & Info

Each year salmon and trout spawn in the upper reaches of river systems and tributaries. Salmon and sea trout will also spawn in the lower reaches of rivers where the gravel and flow conditions are suitable.

Spawning for all salmon and trout takes place between October and the end of March although the peak […]

Not a sell out but a practical solution?

“The single issue campaign on behalf of the anglers of Wales: local and visiting”

“yr ymgyrch mater unigol ar ran genweirwyr Cymru: lleol ac ymwelwyr.”

The Campaign Team may have been relatively silent for the past month or two, but we have not been idle.

You will remember […]

Angling Times Article - Lack Of Bailiffs

This is a national disgrace, that so much of our national heritage should be under the protection of so few defies description without the use of the strongest expletives. We are all aware of the need to educate some of those, who think it acceptable to eat our coarse fish. Until this education is complete […]

Henry Gilbey Joins The Campaign

All round angling guru Henry Gilbey has joined the campaign.

Henry Says: Anybody who knows me knows that I have a serious problem, and that is my lifelong addiction to fishing. Over ten years ago it was getting so bad that I had to explore the only route left open to me, and that […]