NRW invite you to

This is your chance to speak to Board Members and express your opinions. Got to be worth a try!

Click here: An invitation to meet and speak to the NRW Board’


An Introduction to Salmon Fishing

I thought these short videos may be of interest. They are Greys advertising features, we have no connection with Greys, but they do say they can be shared: so here they are click here

River Basin Management Plan

It may seen tedious as well as pointless to respond to these consultations, but if we don’t, we risk creating the impression that we don’t care. The new NRW, so far, seems to give little priority to fisheries, this may be because we don’t make our views know or because it is in the process […]

Let the Welsh Government have your views on the performance of NRW

The following invitation to express your views is copied directly from the National Assembly web site. This consultation does not appear to require you to fill in a questionnaire, simply write to express your opinions. Please try to be objective in any submission and provide some sort of evidence. All the links in the invitation […]