Update from Chris White

The minister has sent a written statement to all AM’s saying she has received the inspectors report see the attachment.  Note she intends to make her decision before the summer recess so not much will happen until after July and probably not until September when the Assembly returns.  I cant see any changes to the byelaws as after her decision has been made we will receive a coy of the inspectors report and can challenge its contents if needed.  NRW could of course issue and emergency byelaw to bring in the restrictions before the 16 June.

I have also had a response to my letter, I seem to have upset the Minister see attached letter!  I think the response to my letter from LG is more of a defence which probably would not stand up to scrutiny under a judicial review.  Until we see the inspectors report there is not much we can do, we just have to be patient. 

Feel free to circulate this email to your members.


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