Request for an Assessment of the Impact of the 2020 All Wales Byelaws.

FAO Clare Pillman – CEO Natural Resources Wales,

Dear Clare,

Please receive a Formal request from PAAS Prince Albert Angling Society, CPWF Campaign for Protection of Welsh Fisheries & SFG Severn Fisheries Group with extensive waters in Wales for an Assessment of the Impact of the 2020 All Wales Byelaws.

The attached Report provides the reasons and justification for this request together with recommended criteria and metrics for quantifying the impact. 

The request is consistent with monitoring outcomes in NRW`s 2020 Salmon & sea trout Plan of Action and NASCO Guidelines for the Management of Salmon Fisheries in England & Wales.

If you would kindly respond to myself (advisor and representing PAAS, CPWF & SFG).

Further Cc. Welsh Government, DEFRA and Conservation NGO`s – Angling Trust, Fish Legal, Salmon & Trout Conservation UK, Atlantic Salmon Trust, Wild Trout Trust.

With regards,  

Mike Ashwin,

The Barn, Skirwith, Penrith, Cumbria, CA10 1RH 

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