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Ty Cambria / Cambria House

29 Heol Casnewydd / 29 Newport Road Caerdydd / Cardiff

CF24 0TP / CF24 0TP


John Eardley

c/o Vanner Farm & Caravan Site Llanelltyd

Dolgellau Gwynedd LL40 2HE


08 October 2019 Dear Mr Eardley,

Re. Your correspondence of 27th September 2019

Ffôn/Phone: 0300 065 4453

Thank you for your letter of 27th September, received by e-mail. I am aware that you have corresponded with NRW and the Minister on the same subject on several occasions recently. In responding I am not repeating our responses to the matters that you have already brought to my attention.

It is worth repeating that Wales is facing the most substantial threat yet to the future of our salmon populations, and it appears that the same worrying trend is becoming apparent for sea trout. I note the same appears to be true in many other countries. You express your concern that the management response in Wales appears harsher than that elsewhere in the British Isles, however I understand that Ireland has elected to close rivers to fishing and that statutory C&R fishing applies in many rivers in Scotland and England. The more flexible approach in Scotland and Ireland to which you refer is known to us and, as you are aware, is an area that we are exploring with the Environment Agency. We are clear however that the measures now confirmed by the Minister are necessary, proportionate and reasonable in view of the salmon and sea trout stocks throughout Wales.

I am genuinely sorry that you see little point in future engagement with NRW on the difficult matters surrounding our salmon and sea trout. This is a formative time and, as you will know, the Minister is ensuring not only that her staff engage fully in the process leading to a plan of action but has also encouraged engagement by all stakeholders.

I welcome the fact that most anglers across Wales release the fish they catch – either voluntarily or following the requirements of existing Byelaws. These anglers will note little

Tŷ Cambria · 29 Heol Casnewydd · Caerdydd · CF24 0TP Cambria House · 29 Newport Road · Cardiff · CF24 0TP

difference under the new regime, however those who have declined to follow the practice will now be required to do so. This will provide certainty for all of what is required. NASCO guidelines that encourage one years’ voluntary C&R prior to any mandatory measures have been complied with, as has their encouragement to adopt their ‘precautionary approach’ to salmon management.

I do not support your request for support of a deferral of the byelaws, because of the urgency of the situation in which we now find ourselves. However, this would be a matter for the Minister.

Finally, I will be at the meeting of the Dee and Clwyd LFG on 4th December, and I hope to be able to welcome you to that event.

Yours sincerely

Clare Pillman

Prif Weithredwr, Cyfoeth Naturiol Cymru Chief Executive, Natural Resources Wales

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