Notes from the Fisheries Forum meeting on 9 April


I hope you are all safe and well and not to depressed due to the lack of fishing opportunities. 

The fourth Fisheries Forum meeting was held via a Skype conference call on Thursday 9 April this is not a very friendly way to hold a meeting.  There were 22 people signed into the conference call but those who signed in as guests on audio only to a business conference were anonymous so apart from key players I don’t know who else was listening. 

I have attached my meeting notes it has taken me a few days to calm down before I finalised my notes.  The problem is there is an inner clique which have their own agendas and don’t like outsiders who challenge them.  I took exception in the way my very real concerns were dismissed as irrelevant and I have been reflecting on my future involvement in the Forum.  You will see that LFG’s will be asked to nominate representatives for future forum meetings, if you read between the lines of my notes you will see there may be some manipulation to get like minded people to join the present clique.  I have attached the draft agricultural legislation re water quality and the explanatory note which accompany them, it is worth noting that these are still in draft form and may be amended.

Feel free to circulate to your members.

Stay safe.

Chris White

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