Natural Resources Body for Wales (additional consultation)

This consultation gives more details on creating the new Natural Resources Body for Wales.

Start of consultation: 13/08/2012
End of consultation: 05/10/2012
To open the consultation document click on the link at the bottom of this item Consultation Document

The consultation follows on from an earlier consultation, where we asked your views on creating the new body.

There are two parts to this consultation:

  • the duties of the new body; and
  • more information on legal and working arrangements of the body.

Part 1

The first part focuses on the purpose of the body, cross-cutting duties and specific duties covering:

  • natural beauty and nature conservation;
  • public access and recreation;
  • forestry; and
  • other overarching duties.

Part 2

The second part of this consultation considers where more information has been asked for and where we want to share our intentions. This part covers:

  • cross-border issues;
  • regulation and enforcement including the Environmental Permitting Regime (EPR) and inspection, investigation, enforcement and prosecution, including civil sanctions and investigatory powers;
  • cross-border monitoring;
  • statutory planning and reporting;
  • Emergency response including the transfer of powers under the Control of Major Accidents and Hazards Regulations (COMAH);
  • trading schemes and producer responsibility; and
  • transitional arrangements.

How to respond

Please submit your comments by 05 October 2012, in any of the following ways:

Online form

Respond using the online form



Carrie Moss
‘A Living Wales’ Programme Team
Department for Environment and Sustainable Development
Welsh Government
Cathays Park
CF10 3NQ

Additional information


If you have any queries on this consultation, please telephone: 029 2082 5527.

The information you send to us will be published in a summary of responses to this consultation. Normally the names and addresses (or part of them) of their authors are published along with the response. If you do not wish to be identified as the author of your response, please state this clearly when you write or e-mail.
Consultation document

Consultation Document

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