The post below must have seemed a bit dramatic to say the least: well it was supposed to attract your attention because we face a serious “issue” with the Welsh Government, who are, we believe, intent upon legislation which will potentially open up the whole of the Welsh countryside to unrestricted “freedom to roam”, including all waters: rivers and lakes. This will of course exclude anglers who will be restricted as they are currently.

We have now added a new forum to the web site, so old users will have to register again. The forum requires users to prove that they are human by asking you to copy details from the screen to a registration box. This should prevent access by hackers. You will recall we were getting thousands of applications for membership daily which made managing the forum impossible.

We are opening the forum as the centre for discussion between all interested parties, but will not permit inappropriate posting, so please refrain from personal insults, bad language or the like. This is a free country where freedom of speech is quite acceptable. Freedom to abuse or insult is not.



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