NRW's briefing note - Catch and release the latest news.

The briefing note issued by NRW to the Local Fisheries Advisory Groups clarifying the current position regarding catch and release, can be seen by clicking on the link below. Worth a read

Briefing update

2 comments to NRW’s briefing note – Catch and release the latest news.

  • Anthony Morris

    Anglers pay a license fee for the pleasure of fishing for these fish and taking the odd one to eat. Nets decimate stocks for financial gain and are indiscriminate inthe species of marine life they remove. If I can’t have a fish why then allow Nets to take as many as they can during their season. We anglers are not the problem and most I know are responsible, I only know one Netsman and it’s his source of income so you can guess his attitude.

  • admin

    Well said. Thanks Anthony

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