Appeal from the Campaign for the Protection of Rural Wales Brecon & Radnor Committee

Dear Mr Eardley and Mr White


CAMPAIGN FOR THE PROTECTION OF WELSH FISHERIES – Intensive poultry units and river pollution

 I am writing to you about a petition which the Brecon and Radnor branch of The Campaign for the Protection of Rural Wales (CPRW) have submitted to the Welsh Assembly Petitions Committee and to ask you whether you would be able to help us to achieve our goal of 5000 signatures. We have taken this action after a number of meetings with Powys County Council and Natural Resources Wales to discuss the environmental impacts of intensive poultry units, chief among these being impacts on water quality from run-off, manure storage, transport and spreading. NRW are taking steps to limit airborne pollution but are hampered by severe budget cuts. Many of the intensive poultry units applied for fall below the threshold for NRW permitting and regulation.  We have been very disappointed that Powys Council planners still show no signs of wanting to recognise any of the potential impacts of this type of development, despite expressions of concern from many local environmental bodies, and continue to pass planning applications without adequate scrutiny. We understand that similar problems are being experienced around the country.  If we can achieve 5000 signatures, the petition will be recommended for debate by the Senedd. Our hope is that a Senedd debate of the issues (including the severe cuts to Natural Resources Wales’ budget) would be a step towards improvements in planning practice and regulation.  This is a link to the petition site: .  There is also an abbreviated link . The petition is wordy, but we had to set out the issues at some length for the consideration of the Petitions Committee. We are also collecting paper petitions and I attach the paper petition form. Anyone can sign. It’s not a requirement to be resident in Wales, and anyone downstream of Welsh water pollution has a very strong interest.

We have gathered a great deal of information about the rapid expansion of the intensive poultry industry in Powys and this can be found on our website: I also attach a short flyer we have prepared summarising our principal concerns.  I really hope you can help us by sharing this petition with members and supporters. The petition end date is 22nd May so there is not a great deal of time left.

Please do get in touch if there is anything I haven’t explained, or any more information you need.  

Best wishes



Margaret Tregear

CPRW Brecon & Radnor Committee

01497 821668


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