Advice on Pink salmon in Wales.

The purpose of this advice note is to ensure:

1. That all fishery stakeholders, including fishery managers, anglers and netsmen, are alert to the possibility of the return of pink salmon to Welsh rivers during 2021.

2. To ensure that fishery managers, anglers and netsmen know what to do should pink salmon be observed or captured in Wales.

Advice for anglers and netsmen

We are concerned about the state of our native Atlantic salmon stocks: this is why all  Atlantic salmon caught in Welsh waters must be returned alive and well. 

Pacific pink salmon are usually easily distinguished from Atlantic salmon, particularly when mature and in spawning condition.

·      If you are confident that you have caught a Pacific pink salmon, the fish should be humanely dispatched. Please report the capture as soon as possible to NRW on 0300 065 3000  (24 hours day) as this will enable the fish to be formally logged.

·      If you are not confident that you have caught a pink salmon, the fish should be released back to the river alive where it was captured, preferably having been photographed and later reported to NRW. This is to ensure that no Atlantic salmon are retained in error.

·      If you have found a fresh, dead pink salmon, please retain the fish is possible and report this to the Incident Hotline 0300 065 3000 (24 hours day)

Please consider distributing the briefing to your own fisheries contacts in Wales

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