Poaching & Illegal activity on our fisheries

As the warmer weather approaches and we take to our rivers, lakes and the sea in pursuit of our illusive quarry the Campaign Team ask you to keep a watchful eye for illegal activity. The signs that poachers are abroad and about their evil ways. Please keep an eye out for the tell tale signs.

Nets near to river estuaries

Nets in or across rivers

Trampled grass that indicates suspicious activity

Nets may be hidden away in the bracken or bushes to save the poachers carrying them home and back.

Keep your ears open for boasting of illegal fish being caught or offered for sale in your local.

Please, if you see or suspect illegal activity call 0800 80 70 60 and report it. Then, when you can, confirm that call by submitting an on line report via this web site. Just click on the REPORT AN INCIDENT tab and fill in the details. It is 100% confidential but all reports can be collated to provide evidence of illegal activity on our fisheries.

We need you help to gather the evidence to present to the Welsh Assembly Government

Please ask your club to add the Campaign link to their web site with a note asking members to use the Report an Incident tab to confirm their calls.

You can also use the site to report information that will help us and the Environment Agency gather intelligence. Any overheard comments or indeed suspected activity should be reported. Better too much that not enough information.


Thank you

The Campaign Team

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