Mick ‘Pikey’ Brown Backs The Campaign

Mick Brown is one of the most well known and certainly one of the most enthusiastic anglers in Great Britain. Over the last twenty years he has become well known for his written work and photography, and in more recent times has become a popular television personality. His influence now extends all across Europe where he also features in the European angling press. Look out for his work in Coarse Fisherman, Pike and Predators, Total Coarse Fishing, Angling Times and Improve Your Coarse Fishing in the UK. In Europe, Mick contributes occasionally to Blinker (Germany), Pescare (Italy), Total -Truite – Carnaisier (France) and De Roofvis in Holland.
Although Mick has caught large fish of most species, he is renowned for his pike catching exploits. To date he has 276 pike over twenty pounds to his credit, including 21 over thirty pounds. He currently has a passion for catching outsize UK catfish and has now landed 13 UK cats weighing over 60 lbs. Mick’s philosophy is still to enjoy every fish he catches, whether large or small. His pike catches have been made in many countries and from every type of water imaginable. In fact he has taken twenty pound plus pike from more than fifty different waters.

In 1991 he left his career in engineering to become a professional predator angler after setting up his business Mick Brown Angling Services. Combing his technical and writing skills with his vast angling experience, he soon became useful to the UK’s top tackle and bait manufacturers and is currently consultant to Fox International Ltd and Dynamite Baits, both leaders in their field.

For more info please visit Mick’s website: www.mickbrownangling.com

We are delighted to have Mick on board, his pledge is a very welcome addition and is a fantastic boost to the campaign.

Mick says: “I am more than happy to support the Campaign, very worthwhile. It’s the least I can do to put something back to help the waters that inspired me to go fishing. I spent my earliest fishing days on holiday in Central Wales, fishing the Ithon and Wye. Very happy memories and some wonderful rivers to protect. My father and uncles really loved fishing the Welsh rivers for Brown and Sea Trout and would very happy to know I was doing this on their behalf as well. Sadly they are all gone but the rivers roll on. A sobering thought for us all!”

Nice words from a Nice guy – Cheers Mick

Thanks for your support – The Campaign Team

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