Chris White: Report on Welsh Fisheries Forum

The second meeting of the fisheries forum was held in Newtown on Thursday 2 May, I have attached a summary of the notes I took at the meeting, the formal minutes will be available via the NRW website once approved, I will forward a copy to you as soon as I receive the draft copy.

The meeting was much better than the first meeting and seems to be heading in the right direction.  There appears to be a marked change how NRW want to work with anglers, this may be due to how and what we presented at the inquiry or cynically as there is now no fisheries department in NRW without anglers carrying out the work nothing will get done.  It seems that Jeremy Frost who was head of Inland Fisheries for WG resigned or retired at the end of April this seems to have been unexpected, Luke Davies is now looking after inland fisheries on behalf of the Welsh Government at least in the short term.  I seem to remember Peter Gough saying at the NRW Board meeting in Bangor in 2017 that he was two years from retirement and from comments at the meeting I think he may be retiring later this year as he said I will leave this to Dave Mee to sort out so it seems that Dave Mee will be taking on his role.  Not surprisingly NRW is having difficulty recruiting fisheries staff this is not surprising as there is no fisheries department in NRW and therefore no career path.  I have attached all of the papers we received if you have any comments please let me know.  Feel free to circulate this to your members.

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