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Chris White

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Re: Written Statement: Agricultural Pollution Regulations

Dear Minister,

12 December 2019

I wrote to you on 10 December concerning the effect of the proposed fisheries byelaws on rural communities. I was alarmed to see that on 11 December you  issued a written statement with respect to Agricultural Pollution Regulations in which you say that in working with NFU Cymru to develop a water framework that this work “…has highlighted it may be possible to offer a more flexible approach based on earned autonomy to deliver the same outcomes compared to regulation”. I take it  that ‘earned autonomy’ means self regulation. This approach  is contrary to that  taken with respect to the proposed fisheries byelaws where alternative solutions offered during consultation were dismissed with NRW insisting that only legislation would achieve the desired result – it won’t.

It should also be noted that at the inquiry, under oath, we were promised Agricultural Pollution Regulations which would prevent the frequent pollution events we see on Welsh rivers and fish kills which far exceed any damage to fish stocks caused by angling. The inspector for the inquiry referred to this promise in his findings.

In line with your concession on agricultural pollution we would therefore request a deferment of the proposed byelaws to enable those few Welsh rivers which are not compliant with the NASCO recommendation of a voluntary 90% C&R to achieve this target i.e. “…earned autonomy to deliver the same outcome…”. Overall Welsh anglers achieve 86% C&R with many rivers meeting or exceeding the NASCO 90% release rate through voluntary measures. We have continually drawn your attention to the major reason for the decline in migratory fish stocks and this is not due to angling. Perhaps you can extend the courtesy of meeting with us so you may fully understand our concerns something which you seem to have done with NFU Cymru.


On behalf of: Campaign for the Protection of Welsh Fisheries cc Mark Drakeford – First Minister

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