Celtic Sea Trout Project scale sampling update and reminder August 2011

Celtic Sea Trout Project scale sampling update and reminder August 2011

Dear all,

I hope you are having  a good sea trout season and that you might have found time for some scale sampling.  We have had a few back, so thank you to all who have sent in samples. As last year we are expecting that many of you will have samples that you’ll send in at the end of the season and that is  fine.

We are gradually processing previous samples and a couple of you (Alan and Dyfed) who turned up at the CSTP stand at the EA’s Brenig open day were able to see their scales mounted, projected and read, so there really is a result  from your efforts.  The meaning of it all will arrive as we accumulate the total samples, but each scale turns out to be interesting window on sea trout lives.

I have not fished in rivers this year, yet, but have had 16 sea trout in the sea at a “secret spot” on Anglesey where they seem to congregate. I use small Tobies and Dexter wedges; not pretty fishing, but most takes are 30-50m offshore and it gets the results for the project.  The CSTP marine sampling teams around the Irish Sea are gradually building up the marine samples, so we need the river-specific information from the anglers  too

I have never seen so many sea trout moving in coastal waters before and this year is looking quite good. I understand that in most rivers the catches are also at good levels. You may be able to confirm or comment on that?

All the more reason then to take advantage of the fish abundance to collect the samples, because it is much harder in lean years.  Can I urge you to collect when you can, please.  There is plenty of time yet this year, abut 50-60 % on average of the annual rod catch in N Wales rivers comes during August-October. So get out there, please!    I attach the angling incentive scheme and the sampling details which I think everyone will have had already. And please pass on any of this to anyone else you feel might be willing to help.

If you need more scale sampling kits or packets or want to return scales (NB no big rush – see above) please contact Dr Carys Davies (contact details on the attachment) who is coordinating the sampling in England and Wales.  Next winter we’ll sort out some feedback meetings for those that want them, let me know if you have specific meetings that might be appropriate.

Once again many thanks for what you’ve done so far and good luck in the last half of the season.

Best Wishes



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