Campaign in partnership deal with Environment Agency to trial online reporting system

The Campaign For The Protection OF Welsh Fisheries started its life as a Campaign fighting to secure improvements in the management of the Environment Agency Wales which would result in improvements to the protection of our fisheries. After a long period of confrontation, which if it did nothing else, highlighted the abismal lack of enforcement activity on Welsh fisheries, the Campaign changed tack. Having actually talked with senior managers at the Agency, we concluded that at the heart of the problem was a lack of adequate funding from the Welsh Assembly Government. The Campaign, with the assistance of Mark Isherwood A.M. presented its first appeal to the Welsh Assembly back in 2006. This appeal resulted in the Minister requesting that the Environment Agency Wales carry out a review of its enforcement activity Wales wide. The appeal and review are both available for you to view on this site, as is the subsequent appeal and response. The review by the Agency included the first public confirmation that there was no clear indication of the level of illegal fisheries activity in Wales. Following consultations with the Environment Agency Wales, the Campaign is now moving into its next phase and is currently working in partnership with the Environment Agency to trial a new incident reporting system developed by the Campaign team. The aim of the trial is to enable a team effort between the under resourced Agency front line staff and anglers, with the help of the public, to try to establish a meaningful and reasonable estimate of the level of illegal fisheries activity taking place on one of our river systems. The trial is currently limited to the Rivers Clwyd and Elwy and their tributaries, but assuming the trial goes well, the system may be rolled out across Wales.

At the heart of the initiative,which remains by anglers for anglers, the Campaign team’s number one priority to maintain the safety of anyone who participates and reports an incident. The new system links directly to the Campaign & EA and allows members of the public to report incidents anonymously.

We will continue to point out short comings and failures in the current enforcement processes but with a view to highlighting the issues more funding will help to challenge.

This is your chance to make a real difference, the system will only work if you join in and actively work with us.

Please make the most of this opportunity but remember – still use the 0800 80 70 60 hot-line number, ask to be transferred to Wales if directed to the English control room and ask for an incident number. Any problems: let us know.

Working together will only work – if we do.

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