2010 A big year for the campaign

A very happy, prosperous and successful new year to you all from your Campaign Team.

2009 was a good year for us:

The Campaign web site has been updated, upgraded and improved in every way by our web site manager, who is not only a whizz with computers but a dedicated angler who’s enthusiasm seems to be boundless. We should all be especially thankful for such a boost and congratulate Alec and Karen on the birth of their son, Ben, last September. I believe Ben already has a full fishing kit polished and ready to go!!

We established meaningful contacts with Recreational Sea Anglers and were lucky to be joined by Steve Pettit, or Seajunky as he is perhaps better known to many. Steve has worked tirelessly for the benefit of recreational sea anglers for years. He is a natural ferret: when he gets his teeth into a subject he just will not let go. He has brought the famous faces to the Campaign and we hope he has more to bring in the future.
If you are a sea angler and seek answers, contact Steve via the Forum or Contact Us, if he can help, you can be sure he will.

This coming year brings a number of challenges: not least of which is challenging angler apathy. This we can not do without your help.

We are hoping to increase our close working relationship with the Environment Agency Wales. They do not have the staff or the funding to protect our fisheries as they did in the “old days”. We have to help supplement the work they do and did and work with them, not only to protect our fisheries but equally importantly to establish a meaningful assessment of the level of illegal activity taking place on our fisheries. When we do this we can use the information gathered to pressurise the politicians to better fund fisheries and fisheries enforcement activities. This is up to us all and we have to do it. Complacency is not an option.

We are looking to introduce a number of new initiatives throughout the year, so watch this space.

We are not funded by any organisation, nor do we seek funding. Your Campaign is free to join, your opinion matters, but only if you pass it on. We are not self appointed, we have the written support of individual anglers and angling clubs numbering 20,000. However without your continued support in time and effort the Campaign will come to nought. This is your Campaign and your voice matters. Please send us any articles, comments or even publicity for your own clubs and we will be pleased to publish them. Our links (see videos & stuff) numbers are growing, if you want us to add a club or site link just send it through and we will add it.

If you wish to join the Campaign Team, send us your contact details we will welcome your help in any way, we are especially keen to seek assistance in growing club links and contacts with other organisation.

We have to be positive and look forward to a great 2010.

With thanks for all your support

Your Campaign Team

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