Voluntary Bailiff Service in England?

Pictured: The new Deputy Area Coordinators Russ Bates, John Chappell and Brian MarlowAngling Trust Press Release
For Immediate Release
Tuesday 4th November 2014

Voluntary Bailiff Service Appoints New Deputy Area Coordinators

The Voluntary Bailiff Service (VBS) pilot project in SE England has now been running for two and a half years, and looks forward to a particularly significant and exciting New Year.

VBS efforts are locally overseen by Area Coordinators (AC), and with a busy time ahead Deputy Area Coordinators (DAC) have now been appointed to our busiest areas: Russell Bates in West Thames, John Chappell in South London & Kent, and Brian Watling in Solent.

DACs will support ACs and provide cover during periods of leave or when other life commitments take priority. This is to ensure continuity, improve communication and increase quality delivery.

DAC Russell Bates said: “I am entirely committed to the VBS, thouroughly enjoy my involvement and am keen to support the Angling Trust and Environment Agency (EA) howsoever I am able through the VBS“.

DAC John Chappell said: “The VBS is a really important initiative, enabling anglers to receive proper training and support the EA in proecting fish and fisheries. I am looking forward to getting more involved“.

DAC Brian Watling said: “Communication is really important, and I am very happy to help our AC, Keith Dipper, is keeping things on track and moving in the right direction“.

EA VBS Project Manager Adrian Brightley said: “The EA is very grateful to all our volunteers, and really appreciate the time they invest in supporting our work. We welcome the appointment of DACs and very much look forward to working with them“.

Angling Trust National Enforcement Manager, Dilip Sarkar MBE, said: “Anglers are often accused of being apathetic – but the VBS confirms that there are people out there prepared to step up and help protect fish and fisheries. We have proved that VBS works, and, in line with other European countries, look forward to expanding coverage nationally in due course and increasing the support we can provide. The new DACs are most welcome and to be commended for their commitment to the cause“.

Anyone interested in the VBS should contact bailiffs@anglingtrust.net and see:www.anglingtrust.net/vbs

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