Season Extension Trials

Register For The Extension

The Rules

  • Purchase a full season migratory fishing license — salmon licence.
  • Be a member of one of the Rivers fishing clubs, associations or syndicates.
  • Register on this website (The register link is on the right of this page).
  • The Environment Agency will process your application in bulk shortly after the registration cessation and send you written confirmation of your acceptance and we will issue you with your username and password to access the online catch return system on this website (See the Catch Returns link on the left of this page). Until you have received this confirmation it is ILLEGAL to begin fishing.
  • Fly and spin are the only methods to be used on the Conwy and Clywd. On the Seiont fly fishing only to be used.The use of barbless hooks or debarbed hooks is recommended.
  • For the entire period of the extension trial it is strictly 100% catch and release, if a fish is badly injured or dies it still must be returned to the river.
  • Individual anglers MUST complete their catch return. If you do not submit your catch return, it will harm the whole “experiment”. The importance can not be too strongly emphasised. All catches during the extension period should also be included in your statutory EA Rod Licence returns. Failure to provide a return will result in the angler not being authorised for any future extension.
  • Whilst fishing the angler must be in possession of a valid rod licence, the original authorisation letter and appropriate photographic identification and these must be produced on request by an Agency Officer.
  • The extension will be reviewed annually and if necessary withdrawn without notice if any evidence of misuse is detected.
  • The river stretches to be fished are restricted to those specified below and illustrated in the Maps on the right of this page (see map links).
  • All other restrictions set out in the rod fishing bylaws will apply.
  • The authorisation is not transferable and may be withdrawn without notice at any time.
  • The trial extension will be up to and including the specified dates on each river.

As you will recall the aim of the trials is to provide the Environment Agency with information on the out of season run of salmon to support any proposal to extend the salmon season permanently. Many anglers feel that the season ends too soon and due to many environmental factors, the Salmon are running later and later meaning the catch returns are not providing an accurate account of the Salmon stocks situation.

Below are the details for each River:

River Seiont

  • Contact Point: Huw Hughes Tel: 01248 670666  e mail:
  • Period of extension – 1st November to 15th November inclusive.
  • Area of extension – main River Seiont downstream of Pont Rhythallt, Llanrug.

Rivers Clwyd and Elwy

  • Contact Point: Alec Fletcher e mail:
  • Period of extension – use of spinner -1st October to 17th October inclusive and use of fly and spinner – 18th October to 31st October inclusive.
  • Area of extension – main River Clwyd downstream of Ruthin Weir and main River Elwy downstream of Llanfair TH Bridge.