Report An Incident

If you witness an event taking place that you think the Environment Agency could intercept in time, please ALWAYS contact them via the telephone number listed below in the first instance. Otherwise please fill in the form and click the send button at the bottom of the page:
EA Incident Hotline: 0800 80 70 60

This CPWF incident reporting system links directly to the Environment Agency, when clicking the send button below, the incident will be instantly stored in the CPWF database and reported to the Environment Agency.

PLEASE SELECT REGION BELOW (Place a tick in the box)
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Please describe the illegal activity / incident that took place. Please try to remember as much detail as possible, no matter how small.If you manage to take a picture of the incident taking place or you take a picture of an offenders vehicle license plate. Please upload the file, it could make all the difference.

** Pictures should be in jpeg format

We will NEVER pass you details onto anyone without your consent. However if you wish to remain completely anonymous, please select the "Yes" option below. If you decide to select "No" we may contact you when we inform the Environment Agency of any reported activity.



If we need to contact you to get some further details, please tell us if it is OK to contact you. We completely understand if you do not want to be contacted, simply select the approriate option below, if you do not wish to be contacted simply leave the contact details sections below blank.


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