Questions for NRW Board Meeting 12th July 2018


To: “NRW Board Secretariat” <>
Sent: Sun, 8 Jul 2018 at 17:39
Subject: Questions for NRW Board Meeting 12th July 2018
Would you please ensure that the 2 questions below are presented to the NRW Board at the Board Meeting to be held in Swansea on 12th July 2018.
1.      Given that there was clear acknowledgement at the Board Meeting on January 18th that NRW, and its Fisheries Team in particular, had failed to properly engage with stakeholders in developing the proposals for new catch controls for salmon and sea trout, that there must be immediate steps taken to put that right and a further 6 months have now passed:
When will that engagement with stakeholders actually begin?
2.      The Environment Agency is now proposing that “Probably at Risk” rivers in England will not be subjected to mandatory measures, and is instead seeking to engage with stakeholders in order to develop a voluntary solution, something which has been rejected throughout by NRW and which now leaves anglers in Wales facing the most severe conservation legislation in the whole of the United Kingdom and Ireland and looking with envy at their colleagues across the border:
Does that not make engagement with stakeholders even more difficult than it was 6 months ago?
Kind regards
John Eardley
Strategy Officer – Campaign for the Protection of Welsh Fisheries

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