Poacher's Nets Taken From River Conwy

Members of the Dolgarrog Angling club found and reported to the Environment Agency an illegal net set across the the river by poachers. Having sought more details and clarification of wheat happened, I received the following reply from a prominent and reliable member of  THE CONWY VALLEY FISHERIES & CONSERVATION ASSOCIATION.

” You asked about the net at Dolgarrog unfortunately this was removed although
I think they reported it only to be told there would be a follow up within
48 hours – so they removed and destroyed the net as waiting for an EA
bailiff who turns up two days later is not a lot of use. ”

We believe a second net has since been discovered.

It is because of these incidents, and this is not an isolated example, that we are asking all anglers to use Campaign “REPORT AND INCIDENT” tab to report and record all such incidents. We know that many have lost faith in the 0800 80 70 60 number, but we ask you please still to use it and then go to the Campaign web site and confirm your report. That way, we as well as the Environment Agency get a copy and we are able to build a case for better enforcement. It is up to us to prove the case by recording incidents. You can also report “suspected” illegal activity, or warn of pending illegal activity if you hear about it. Every piece of information, no matter how small, helps. Great oaks etc…


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