NRW have managed to change "partnership working" to "partnership alienation" A new low.

The following is a copy of an email sent to Joel Rees Jones in response to NRW’s request for angling representatives to work in partnership with NRW in compiling their “Salmon Action Plan”. It speaks for itself. My only comment is that it’s a shame that Joel is the recipient as he is surely “one of the good guys” I hope the management are copied in to this email: and the rest in a similar tone.

My thanks to John Eardley for allowing me to publish his email. John has dedicated himself to working with NRW as well as on and in his rivers for years. Latterly he has been in teh forefront of those challenging the imposition of compulsory catch and release and other bye-law changes. Thank you John.

Good afternoon Joel,

It is with deep regret and sadness that at this point in time I am unwilling to participate in this initiative. You are of course well aware that ever since I joined the Gwynedd LFG back in 2010 I have only ever missed one meeting and at all times have endeavoured to work in a meaningful partnership with both NRW and their predecessors, EAW. Like many of my colleagues copied into this email I have collected broodstock, planted out fry/parr, sprayed invasives, surveyed feeder streams etc. etc. I did this in the belief that by working together we could achieve so much more and saw education, cooperation and empowerment as key drivers for both the future of our waterways and the fisheries which they support. I realise now that those values count for nothing with those who are in charge of fisheries policy at NRW and for me personally that has been very hard to come to terms with. Furthermore, when our knowledge of our own rivers is dismissed by the Principal Fisheries Advisor at the Inquiry as “knowing the stiles and footpaths” in order to gain access, it would seem that there is very little of  meaningful substance that I could contribute anyway.

I have enjoyed, and valued, working with many NRW staff and they will know and recognise that. However those that know me well will know that I am a man of principle and that this is a decision that I will not have taken lightly.

In the extremely unlikely event that there should be a major change of policy in the near future in how NRW seek to engage with angling stakeholders then you know that I would be a more than willing participant.

Kind regards


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