Potential disastrous pollution?

There is a potential threat to our fisheries here in Wales. Many of the conifer forests that blanket the hillsides which overlook our  rivers, and through which many of the spawning tributaries run, are due to be clearfelled, having reached maturity. Once this clear felling takes place the ground beneath, which is exposed, may be covered by as much as three feet (nine hundred millimeters) of pine needles. This depth has taken 40 years to accumulate. With no forest to hold them in, there is a risk that these pine needles, come the next heavy rainfall, will essentially be swept down the hillsides and into the rivers and streams en mass. The result: a massive increase in the acidity of the water, with the potential to kill all invertebrates in the river. This could mean that we will have dead rivers, void of all food, so that most, if not all, immature fish will perish. We recommend that you monitor the acidity levels in your rivers, streams and tributaries, your local Rivers Trust will be able to help in this, and that in May you monitor your fly life carefully (your Rivers Trust will also help in organising this). Then report your findings to NRW. This will help the investigation into this potential threat

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