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In summary the programme involves collection of sea trout samples from 80 rivers (of which 20 have been targeted for the detailed sampling for which we are seeking help here), estuaries, coastal waters and further offshore, over three years. The samples will be mostly removed scales accompanied by accurate size information; but whole fish may also be taken to examine feeding and other aspects of biology.



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River Clwyd Season Extension Trial

The River Clwyd & Elwy systems have been classed as ‘at risk’ due to dwindling Salmon catches in recent years. This classification was based upon EA migratory license catch return information gathered during the normal Salmon season of 20March to 17th October. Many anglers who fish the Rivers Clwyd & Elwy feel that the season ends too soon and due to many environmental factors, the Salmon are running later and later meaning the catch returns are not providing an accurate account of the Salmon stocks situation.

The Federation of Clwyd Angling Clubs put together a proposal to temporarily extend the season to the end of October. After a series of negotiations we were delighted to achieve a partnership agreement with the Environment Agency to establish whether or not there is a healthy run of Salmon after the normal season ends on the 17th of October.

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Environmental damage by ‘adventure activity’ on rivers

This Association exists to look after the interests of the Conwy valley fisheries generally, but has recently come to prominence for its work in attempting to come to reasonable and sensible agreements with the formal canoeing organisations and their representatives. The Association is determined to protect the spawning areas, redds, of the migratory fish species from irreparable damage by canoeists and gorge walkers who frighten potentially spawning fish from the redds and disturb the gravel and therefore eggs they contain in areas where fish have managed to spawn. The redds must be protected and left undisturbed during the spawning and hatching seasons. These are the details of this worthy campaign which we are happy to support and promote. Follow the link to keep up to date with their campaign and to sign up to confirm your support. Your support and encouragement will be greatly appreciated.

The Association is not for one moment suggesting that canoeists and others who enjoy the pleasures of our beautiful waterways are wilfully causing serious environmental damage, the damage they do is most probably because they are totally unaware of the environmental sensitivity of areas were they go to enjoy themselves. We would ask all who enjoy our rivers to follow this link to learn how to avoid environmental damage on our rivers. Thank you

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One initiative that would potentially be a boon to anglers and the Welsh economy

Follow this link to find a comprehensive explanation of this initiative. This seems to be a “everybody wins” idea, which the Welsh Assembly Government would do well to consider adopting. It woulds have potentially amazing benefits for recreational sea anglers as well as offering protection to returning migratory species and areas such as bass nurseries.

Well worth a read!