We wish you all a very happy new year in the hope that 2014 will be a happy and prosperous one, with many “tight lines”. Our wish is that there is:

an increased and growing awareness of the importance of environmental improvement works for the betterment of our fisheries and more importantly our fish and for those that join in the big plus of some healthy outdoor exercise! Try forming a local group with the aim of getting to know the tributaries where the fish spawn, make contact with the local landowner and the NRW officer responsible for the river and work together to make things better

We urge all of you who care about our fisheries to encourage fellow anglers to participate in the various campaigns that are on going and likely to be needed over the coming year. We need all remember that our politicians are in public service and that gives them the power to act in our best interests. Apathy is unforgivable!

It would be nice to see more activity on our forum?

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