Happy New Year from the Campaign Team

We wish you all a very happy new year, good health and many tight lines.

From the recent activity on this site, you could be forgiven for thinking that wed have ceased activities: not so.

We are actively contacting NRW management, M.P.’s and A.M’s with regard to the proposed changes in salmon and sea trout bye laws. We continue to challenge the validity of the decision to close all Welsh hatcheries. We work closely with the CLA and Angling Trust to fight for anglers rights, to protect our waters from unfettered access by canoeists and champion the cause of voluntary agreements with paddlers. Many of these communications are and will remain sensitive, but as soon as we can we will publish them on this site.

I see that there are petitions about seeking support for various angling/bye law changes. We are greatly concerned that a little over 1,000 signatures have been added to the latest and best supported. There petty numbers create the impression that we anglers are bot concerned or are compliant with teh current NEW onslaught on our support. Please sign teh petition but for goodness sake please do not start another.

Watch this space.

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