We will endeavour to keep up to date with proposed and ongoing consultations.Please let us know by email if you become aware of new consultations relevant to the protection of our fisheries and we will endeavour to add them here. The page will grow as the site develops.
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The second round of consultations about working together to assist meeting the Water Framework Directive targets  is on going to view the latest newsletter about the WFD click the button. The consultation responses must be submitted to the EA by the 22nd December.


Sea Fisheries Consultation Documentation.

For a full copy of the documentation click on the document link below.

Consultation on Future Sea Fisheries Stakeholder Input Framework for Wales – Developing a Partnership Approach to Fisheries Management

Irish Sea Conservation Zones

Follow this link for the latest information (click here)

Sustainability Committee – Access To Waterways

This consultation is now closed. It sought views from interested parties on the possibility of providing canoeists free and unrestricted access to Welsh rivers.

Defra – Fairer and Better Environmental Enforcement

Now closed. This consultation was about just what it says on the title. Very comprehensive and wide ranging

Environment Agency – Water Framework Directive

This consultation is now closed. How our river basins are to be managed and the efforts being made to improve water quality, habitat and much more.

Welsh Assembly – Strategy for Marine Protected Areas in Wales: Protecting Welsh Seas

The nearest we are going to get to the Golden Mile in the near future. Well worth looking at if you are a sea or game angler.