Atlantic Salmon - Lost at Sea

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Atlantic Salmon Trust
Atlantic Salmon Trust
Atlantic Salmon – Lost at Sea
I want introduce you to an exciting project supported by the Atlantic Salmon Trust: the film, ‘Atlantic Salmon – Lost at Sea!’

The producer is Deirdre Brennan who has been making this film for 6 years in the rivers of North America, Europe, Iceland, Greenland, and at sea in the Atlantic Ocean. It tells the story of the collapse in abundance of wild Atlantic salmon over the last thirty years.

The film records the urgent quest to try to solve the mystery of the salmon’s life at sea and to answer the question: ‘why are salmon dying in greater numbers than ever before in their ocean environment and not returning to their native rivers?’

The film, takes the viewer on a journey through the mysterious world of the King of Fish, and highlights some of the important research, conservation and restoration work of AST and others in all the wild Atlantic salmon countries. It describers the groundbreaking research programme to track salmon on their epic migration to try to find out why and where they are dying at sea.

Filming is now complete and it is ready to edit. In order to raise the last 10% of the budget needed, Deirdre has embarked on a Kickstarter campaign to bring in funds to finish the project. Kickstarter is a crowd-funding platform and in its 10 years has raised over $1.6 billion for creative projects, including many documentary films. All projects are vetted in advance. It is an all or nothing principle – if the goal is not reached, then no money changes hands. The campaign is for 30 days and will run from August 6th – September 5th. The goal is £30,000.

Please support this most worthwhile venture. Its aim is to raise public awareness about the plight of our salmon. The film will be used widely at national, regional and local levels to raise money for salmon conservation. By contributing money – as much as you can afford, no matter how small an amount – to the film you are therefore directly supporting our international campaign to save the salmon.

Please see the link below for more details:

AST, supported by the Spey, Dee and Esks District Fishery Boards, has already contributed £12,000 to the project. Please help us to finish the job, by donating through Kickstarter – even £5 would help. This is a story of hope, and a dynamic way with real urgency to increase public commitment to saving the iconic Atlantic salmon.

We need to act now to save wild Atlantic salmon. I trust we have your support.

With best wishes,

Tony Andrews
Director Atlantic Salmon Trust

Atlantic Salmon Trust, Suite 3/11, King James VI Business Centre, Friarton Road, Perth PH2 8DG
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