Application for a licence to kill/take Cormorants/ Herons/ Goosanders/ Mergansers

For those that attended the North Wales Fisheries Conference last week, one issue that raised a great deal of interest was the matter of Piscivorous birds, the posh collective term for birds that eat fish, and the apparent difficulty of applying for the appropriate licence. Representatives from the Welsh Government were there to assist and give advice on just how to proceed, and very good they were too. They made it clear that if in applying you have any difficulty with the forms or  acquiring the information needed to be included on them, they would help, if not their office directly they” knew a mad who could.”

You should know that the Welsh Government are of the view that bird eating fish are not a problem in Wales nor are they an issue with our fisheries. Why? Because only 6 applications to kill them were made in the whole of last year . So if you think these birds are an issue, then try to see that your club makes the appropriate application. You may also like to note that the Welsh Government are also of the view that poaching is not an issue. Why? Because of the lack of reports that poaching takes place. So remember to  call 0800 80 70 60  and report all incidents and then, please do not forget to confirm that call on this web site “Report and Incident” tab, you can also report under that tab, any suspected wrong doing or potential poaching that you may hear about or suspect is being planned. Over to you! Click on the titles below to see the .PDF file which you can then print off.

Guidance note for completing your application form

Application Form

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